Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sweet Green Mousse

I have been on a raw kick the last few months and find it increasingly difficult to cook my food! Especially as the days are lengthening and the winter cold has since past, soup and warm dishes just don't sound inviting. It seems the more raw food I eat the better I feel anyhow, so why sway from that? I don't find it necessary to go 100% raw or die, as that kind of rigidity tends to be unsustainable. I just take it with the strides of a day, doing what feels right for the moment.

Anyway, this recipe is a loose variation of many I have been doing the past few weeks. It is a great breakfast treat when your not feeling the "green smoothie". Another great tweak on the recipe is not putting in any liquid and freezing it for a frozen sorbet. This recipe is a great base with myriad adaptations abound... do tell your favorite!

Sweet Green Mousse

-2 frozen bananas
-1 fresh ripe banana
-1 TBL Chia seeds (preferably soaked but not crucial)
-1 TBL Spirulina (or less or more)
-1 small avocado/or 1/2 large
-1/8 cup liquid of choice (nut milk is great, water is fine)

Place ingredients in decending order into high speed blender, blend on high until creamy, adding more liquid if necessary. Serve with a plate of fruit for dipping, on top granola, or freeze for a sorbet.

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