Thursday, October 23, 2008

Super Ratatouille!!

This recipe was born from a lonely old half an egg plant in the bottom tray of the refrigerator, and a counter filled with over ripe tomatoes, neglected after harvest. Not surprising, literally ratatouille translates "to toss food" , simple and savory ingredients are key, other than that it's hard to go wrong! For this dish I layered arugula, a quinoa/polenta mix, and topped with a nutty swiss cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds, and fresh parsley.

-2 cups fresh Tomatoes
-1/2 Lrg Eggplant
-1 Yellow Onion
-1 TBL Olive Oil or Safflower Oil*
-1 med. Zucchini
-1 Green Pepper
- 8oz. Roasted tomatoes
-2 cloves Garlic
-1/2 bunch fresh parsley
-1 teaspoon Thyme
-Sea Salt and Pepper to taste

*Olive Oil is of course traditional, but oxidation occures under high heat, so it is always best to use a high heat oil such as Safflower.

In a dutch oven saute' the oil, diced onion, and minced garlic until translucent. Add the eggplant and cook until tender. Comine the rest of the ingredients and simmer for atleast 30 minutes. The longer the better, creating much more depth of flavor. Serve as a side, atop pasta, polenta,rice, or as the main dish served with fresh greens, and a rustic loaf of bread.

Serves 5