Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh My Sweet Fig Pudding

It seems that fig season is coming to a close and I am still at a loss for a honorable recipe. These wonderful pockets of goodness need no adornment and try as I might they are simply best on their own. This delicious fruit is botanically speaking not a fruit at all, rather a seed encasement, correctly termed "synconium ", an inside-out flower. Why does it hide its flower from the world? Possibly because the intoxicating nectar alone is enough to lure even the most particular wasp.(their necessary pollinators) I personally have been stock piling these mineral rich gems(high in calcium, iron magnesium, zinc, etc..) drying and freezing an ample supply. Frozen figs are great in smoothies, pudding, or other dessert recipes. This recipe is a tasty breakfast option and although light it keeps you satisfied from the incredible chia seed. Spirulina, bee pollen, Vitamineral greens maca, cacao, or other nutrient powders can also be added to your liking.

Oh Sweet Fig Pudding Recipe

-1 pint fresh figs(any variety) leave out 2-3 for topping
-1/2 cup frozen blackberries or blueberries
-1 ripe banana(fresh or frozen)
-2 TBLS chia seeds soaked in 8 TBLS hemp, cashew, or almond milk*
-1 tablespoon coconut oil(optional)

Place figs, chia gel, banana, berries, coconut oil, and any additional powders in high speed blender and pulse until creamy velvet consistency is reached. Top with quartered figs or any other fanciful decor. Serves one to many!

Hemp Cashew or Almond Milk recipe:

-1/2 cup nuts/seeds
-2 1/2 cup water
optional: vanilla bean/extract, 1 date

Blend above ingredients in high speed blender and strain through nut milk bag if using almonds but not necessary for cashews and hemp seeds.