Sunday, May 15, 2011

Springtime Mango Salad

My very favorite mango is in season currently... no, not locally but our not too distant Mexican friends are growing a surplus for our dining pleasure. So well loved, these mangos go by numerable names: Ataulfo, Champane, Manilla, Honey, etc... They're usually smaller in size and not as plump as most mangos you see at the market. When ripe they're a beautiful golden sunflower yellow, and the flesh reveals a similar hue, with the sweetest fiberless flesh I have ever encountered in a mango.

This salad has been my mainstay the last few weeks, and I can't seem to tire of it. Depending on the preparation, this salad can take on a multitude of texture to flavor nuances. Keeping with the base, it's wonderful to swap out various fresh herbs, acid fruits, or vegetables. I have found the simple marriage of mango and tomato to be an utter delight, try it out many ways- you can't go wrong!

Springtime Mango Salad

-1 head of lettuce(romaine, red or green leaf, or bib) chopped thin
-1 large cucumber diced into cubes
-2 large juicy tomatoes chopped into similar sized cubes(heriloom or vine are best.. or use pint of cherry)
-3 large ataulfo mangos cubed
-1/4 head cilantro chopped
-handful chopped dill
-1 green onion minced
-juice of one lime
-optional: 1/4 red onion chopped and 1/2 cubed avocado

In large salad bowl toss in all the ingredients, mixing well with hands. This is a beautiful salad to take to a get together but I prefer to devour it all on my own.