Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mermaid Hair Salad

This recipe was an impromptu creation, when I was in dire need of fresh food. With a heavy dose of greens and choked full of  seaweed's trace minerals, this recipe is ideal after heavy holiday fare. The tofu makes for a more substantial main dish, but is completely optional. The kelp noodles(also known as mermaid hair) can be found at Asian markets and most health food stores.


-1 head of lacinato Kale cut in fine strips
-1 package of kelp noodles rinsed and cut to desired length
- 1/2 cabbage shaved thin (or one small cabbage)
-2 large carrots diced 
-1 lemon(juice) 
-1/2 cup(or more) red cabbage sauerkraut(or any kind)
-splash olive oil 
-pinch or two of cayenne and sea salt 
-baked and chilled tofu strips
-sunflower or hemp seeds

combine kale, kelp noodles, cabbage, carrots in large bowl. Put lemon juice, olive oil, cayenne, and  sea salt in small boil and wisk together. Pour dressing over vegetable medley and message gently until well coated and slightly wilted. Fold in the sauerkraut and tofu if using and top with sunflower seeds and extra sauerkraut. This dish is best served after flavors marinade at least 2 hours. 

serves 4-6

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