Thursday, March 3, 2011

Banana Cherimoya Ice Cream!

It's still Winter, it's still cold, the sun is still hiding its beacon of lovely light behind heavy grey clouds. But.. it's March, the days are noticeably lengthening, and the fruit I wait all year for is coming into season! How can I attest to the ways of the seasons, especially when they coincide with the marvelous Cherimoya!! Now, a recipe is hardly called for as the sweet custard-pudding flesh, reminiscent of papaya, vanilla, cashew, and mango are an extravagance in their own right. Moreover, it's hardly a recipe, calling for a minimum of two ingredients.(or one for just cherimoya or just banana) But simplicity is sometimes in order if not necessary when dealing with natures sacred bounty. The recipe has no added refined sugar and no overt fat, making it not just a treat but healthy fuel that could serve as a meal. Add ins are fun, but it would be a mistake to over power the subtle delicacy of the noble cherimoya. :)

For more info on bananas and cherimoyas see the current Marlene's Market and Deli News letter

Banana Cherimoya Ice Cream

-4 large ripe frozen bananas
-2 medium/large deseeded cherimoyas(ripe when skin has give similar to avocado)
optional: vanilla bean, cacao nibs, cashews, pineapple chunks, coconut, etc..

Place deseeded cherimoya into food processor or high speed blender. I often strain the cherimoya pulp through a sieve as to be certain all seeds are removed, as they contain toxic compounds that could go unnoticed when blended. Then, place chopped frozen bananas in and pulse until creamy texture is reached. At this point you can enjoy it as a soft serve style treat or freeze it for at least 20 minutes for authentic hard pack.

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