Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Benevolent Borscht

It's fascinating how we unconsciously surround ourselves with colors we find appealing. Depending on the season, an emotional phase of our life, or an unexplainable internal pull we gravitate towards various shades to synergestically encourage our growth. I believe various colors correspond to our chakra meridian and tuning into these colors we are drawn to can help correct an internal imbalance. Our food is perhaps an even greater determinate of our alignment, and seeking out specific foods will nourish that void. There are various books on the subject, such as Chakra Foods For Optimal Health by Deanna M Minich, and Gabriel Cousens speaks extensively on the energetics of food in "Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine and Conscious Eating.

Lately, I can't get enough magenta, fusha, plum, egg plant, berry, rose, ruby, pomegranate, burgundy, grape, wine, mulberry, maroon, etc.. I find myself surrounded by these colors, and more recently preparing foods of these hues. Yesterday I whipped up a nostalgic wild blackberry tart with berries from last years forage, and then tonite I prepared a deep blushing borsch that although raw and served at room temperature was very warming, and nourishing to my very center.

Benevolent Borscht:

-one large beet(1/4 diced & set aside)
-juice of 1/2 lemon
-juice of one lime
-one minniola orange peeled(or navel)
-2 green onions
-1/2 bunch of parsley( a handful of sprigs diced & set aside)
-2 stalks celery(one diced & set aside)
-4-5 baby bok choy heads(two diced and set aside)
-1 small red pepper
-1/2 large avocado(1/2 of this diced & set aside)
-opptional: 1 small nub ginger and 1 small jalapeno
-1 cup water
-1/2 cup shaved radicchio or another bitter such as dandelion, chicory, or endive

Place all ingredients into high speed blender in descending order(except those set aside) and pulse on high until creamy velvet texture is reached. Place into large bowl and fold in the remaining ingredients. Serve right away or refrigerate and use within two days. Shaved radicchio and a bit or parsley make an enticing garnish.

Serves 2

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