Monday, May 4, 2009

Green on Green Salad

Some days need to end on a green was one of those. With a hectic schedule during the day time it can be tricky to eat wholesome on the go. I strive to have at least one super raw salad a day, this one is just that, which can be served along side a main dish or loaded high for a nutritious green meal on its own. The dressing is my all time favorite, and is very simple to make...assuming you have fresh turmeric on hand. 

Salad Recipe:
-1 head spinach 
-12 asparagus spears cut in 2 inch increments 
-1 small head broccoli cut one or two bite sizes
-large handful of green beans chopped in 2 inch increments  
-3 stalks celery diced 
- 1-2 avocados to top

Optional: grated Parmesan, toasted sunflower seeds, Greek olives, etc..

Put a large pot of water on high heat to boil. Fill large bowl with ice cool water(adding ice cubes if you have them) and set aside. When water reaches boil throw asparagus, broccoli, and green beans in covered, for no more than 2 minutes. Quickly drain and plunge greens into ice bath. Roughly chop the spinach and place in large serving bowl with other greens. Drizzle lemon turmeric dressing(recipe below) throughout, tossing lightly. Top with sliced avocado and serve. 

Lemon Zinger Dressing Recipe:

-Juice of one Lemon
- 1-2 cloves garlic
-2 teaspoons diced turmeric(or more)
-1 teaspoon diced ginger root
-2 tablespoons of olive oil 
-pinch of sea salt

Serves 6 sides or 2-3 main 


Keira said...

your blog is great - your cooking style seems so similar to mine. Health conscious, whole foods, but tasty, and with some indulgence here and there... It's all about balance, right?

Mike said...

You're amazing.