Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sunny Sprouted Granola

After many raw granola attempts I found a near perfect concoction. Making granola, even raw, is no science, but it can be finicky to get it to stick together just so and not be overly sweet. I was previously relying on honey to bind and sweeten the mix but decided to try fresh date paste in its place. This made for a perfect sticky granola mess,binding together nicely with sweet clumps of date morsels. I love that this recipe doesn't have any wheat or nuts and is easily digested with the sprouted buckwheat and sunflower seeds. The tropical medley of flavors could easily be substituted for any ingredients desired, although the bright "sunny" flavors in this recipe are quite nice. Note* This granola is quite addicting and I find it best to share it around quickly, so as not to consume the whole batch alone:)

Sunny Sprouted Granola

-2 cups sprouted buckwheat
-1 cup sprouted sunflower seeds
-8 soaked dates
-1/4 cup coconut oil
-1/2 cup shredded coconut
-1/4 cup dried mango
-1/4 cup goji berries
-1 teaspoon sea salt

Place sprouted buckwheat and sunflower seeds in large bowl and set aside. Blend soaked dates and coconut oil in high speed blender until creamy texture is reached. If a sweeter granola is desired, simply add more dates. Fold this mixture, plus sea salt into the buckwheat and sunflower seeds and coat well with spatula or better, warm hands. Place in dehydrator for 6-8 hours. I found that dehydrating it for less time makes a yummy soft granola where longer time gives you the more traditional crunchy stuff. Lastly, remove from dehydrator and mix in the shredded coconut, mango, and goji berries. Serve fresh and warm from the dehydrator with cool nut milk, or store in sealed container for up to a week.

Serves one to many

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